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IAME 2024


VALENCIA – 26-28th June

Building innovative maritime ecosystems: Smart, Green & Valuable for society


The pressure of the day-to-day activities often prevents us from having the time to reflect on the relevant changes and serious problems that surround us, from economic uncertainty or environmental issues to geopolitical upheavals and technological transformations. At the IAME Conference in 2024 we want to grant ourselves that time for joint reflection on transcendent issues in our field of activity, and we propose to do so under the following thread: “Building innovative maritime ecosystems: Smart, Green & Valuable for society”.

Although multiple topics will be addressed during the Conference, we want to put the emphasis on the ongoing transformation of the entire ecosystem of our Community (ports, maritime transport, logistics), from these three critical dimensions. First, a technological revolution that, beyond digitalization and smart grids, incorporates at an accelerated pace Generative Artificial Intelligence. Second, the unavoidable need to continue moving towards a green Community, despite the cyclical impacts of exogenous shocks, which sometimes force to slow down the process of change. Third, the awareness that our Community only makes sense when it works intertwined, supporting and being supported by society as a whole, and only through this close relationship does it achieve its true value.

To analyze these challenges, we will meet in Valencia from June 25 to 28, 2024, and we hope to have an active and enriching debate (see the Provisional Program on this web page) in which we will put on the table our concerns in these fields, discuss the measures to be adopted and, if possible, promote their implementation by the responsible agents. It would be a great satisfaction for us to count on your presence in Valencia during these days.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that, in our permanent desire to keep Industry and Academia connected, this IAME 2024 is co-organized by the University of Valencia and its Institute of International Economics, through the Chair of Port Economics, and by the Port Authority of Valencia, with an outstanding participation of the Fundación ValenciaPort.

We look forward to seeing you next June in Valencia.
Aurelio Martínez Estévez. President of the Scientific Committee, IAME 2024


The University of Valencia is the oldest university in the Valencian Community and is regarded as one of Spain’s leading academic institutions.

Valenciaport is the leading Spanish port in the Mediterranean in terms of commercial traffic. And it is the fourth container port in Europe.

Fundación Valenciaport is an Applied Research, Innovation & Training centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster.