The 32nd annual IAME conference, jointly organized by the University of Valencia, the Port Authority of Valencia and Fundación Valenciaport, will be held in Valencia, Spain, from 25th to 28th of June 2024, under the theme “Building innovative maritime ecosystems: smart, green & valuable for society”.

We want to put the emphasis on the ongoing transformation of the whole ecosystem of our community (ports, shipping, logistics), coming from three critical dimensions. First, a technological revolution that, beyond digitalization, is rapidly incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Secondly, the unavoidable need to progress towards a green Community further rapidly. Thirdly, the awareness that our maritime Community only makes sense when it works in support of, and with the support of, society.

At IAME 2024 we look forward to an active and enriching debate that will allow academics, industry practitioners and policymakers to address pressing concerns and explore innovative solutions for the sector’s critical issues.

The conference welcomes contributions under the form of full papers and extended abstracts focusing on -but not limited- to the following areas:

  • Automation and digitalization
  • Open innovation
  • Sustainable port & shipping strategies
  • Innovative financing schemes for port & maritime green transition investments
  • Port and maritime infrastructure for the energy transition
  • Port city symbiosis and social value
  • Intermodal transport and hinterland strategies
  • Short sea shipping and motorways of the sea
  • International trade and geopolitics
  • Risk management and supply chain resilience
  • Maritime connectivity: its determinants and its impact on trade
  • Port governance models and regulation
  • Port performance and efficiency
  • Port and maritime business strategies
  • Education and training adjustments to the emerging knowledge requirements of port & maritime workers
  • Maritime safety & security
  • Cybersecurity challenges for the maritime and port industry
  • Implications of emerging market trends for the port & sipping industry
  • Cruise industry

Key dates

Extended abstract and full paper submission From 1st December 2023 to 25th February 2024 

New!! Deadline extension to 10th March 2024 

Notification of acceptance 25th April, 2024
Conference registration deadline for presenters to confirm their appearance in the program and proceedings 25th May, 2024
Conference delegates meet in Valencia, Spain June 25th – 28th, 2024


Please note that each conference participant cannot present more than 2 papers, irrespective of whether the contribution is accepted in the full paper review track or as an extended abstract.

The corresponding author must create an account in the system with the representative email and submit the abstract or paper. All review feedback will be forwarded to the corresponding author’s email.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Conference Team at

Submit a paper


Submit an abstract between 1500 and 2500 words providing an overview of the research. Extended abstract for presentation should include abstract (max. 200 words), motivation of the research and objectives, methodology and data, main results, and implications for research/policy/industry.


Submit a paper of maximum 7500 words using template. Only full paper submissions will be eligible for the prizes awarded at the conference.

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