Historic Center

Take some time to explore the historic center and its rich artistic heritage. Don’t miss the Holy Grail at the Cathedral, the stunning Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda), and the bustling Central Market, one of Europe’s liveliest food markets.

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City of Arts and Sciences

Visit this architectural icon and enjoy its fascinating facilities. Pair your visit with a bike ride through the Turia Gardens, an urban park that spans the city and offers eight kilometers of green spaces to explore.

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Valencia Beaches

Relax and soak up the sun at the beaches near the city center. From the vibrant Malvarrosa to the tranquil beaches of Pinedo and El Saler in the L’Albufera Natural Park, all are accessible by public transport and perfect for sampling local cuisine.

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Museums and Culture

Valencia boasts over 30 museums showcasing everything from Fine Arts to science and contemporary art. Take the opportunity to explore these cultural spaces during your free time.

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Local Cuisine

The cuisine from the Region of Valencia enjoys great prestige at both a national and international level. Its traditional recipes are prepared using natural ingredients such as oil, vegetables, spices, fruit, fresh meat or fish and has come to be known as “the Mediterranean Diet”. The incredible variety of rice dishes, including the famous paella, and desserts is outstanding. All this without forgetting the great variety of fruit which the Region of Valencia produces in abundance. Its traditional soft drinks have also become well-known, such as tiger nut milk (“horchata de chufa”). Its long wine-growing tradition has given rise to a delicious range of wines with their Denominations of Origin, which when added to the local soups comprise some of the most exquisite recipes of Valencian cooking.

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During the conference meals, as well as at the welcome cocktail and gala dinner, you will have the chance to enjoy delicacies from the local cuisine. During your free time, we encourage you to explore Valencia’s culinary delights. More information can be found at:


Mapa de restaurantes – Guía Hedonista (valenciaplaza.com)

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